Business philosophy

Our vision is to become the leading company in the field of management of facility and territory in the Baltic States region.

Cleanhouse is the first choice for companies searching for professional partner in the management of facility management, as well as cleaning services in facility and territory.

Our mission and the essence of Cleanhouse brand is the comfort of the property, since adequately managed property shall not only raise its value, but also give the feeling of comfort to its owner – our customer and their business.

To satisfy requirements of our customers to the highest level, to continue our successful development and strengthen our company as competitive, responsible and reliable cooperation partner for our customers and workers, we have determined values that are the main driving force and motivation in our daily performance:

Customer – we always strive to fulfil our customer’s desires.

Quality excellence – we strive for high quality in all our processes and constantly continue our development.

Teamwork – combining our strengths and knowledge, we acquire trust from our customers and we achieve our goals.

Environment – we are a socially responsible company. Therefore, we are aware of our impact to the environment and we try to minimize it to preserve environment for next generations as clean as possible.

Security – we are sure that safety and health of our workers, contractors and customers is as important as the quality of our services.