Nursery School Karlsons was built in the frame of a public-private partnership project. It was one of the first projects of this type in Latvia. Cleanhouse will carry out management of Nursery School Karlsons for the next 19 years (until year 2030) acting as a member of the general partnership ACANA. Nursery School Karlsons in Tukums is one of the latest buildings in the region. In total, it can admit 136 children in six groups at the age groups from three to seven years. The total area of this building is 2.100 m2.

A range of services provided includes:

• Management of engineering communications;
• Maintenance of water supply, sewerage, and heat supply systems;
• Maintenance of ventilation and cooling systems;
• Maintenance of power supply system;
• Maintenance of low intensity current systems;
• Facility and territory cleaning;
• Children catering;
• Security;
• Supply of hygiene and stationery goods;
• Supply of methodological study equipment;
• Deratization, disinsection;
• Emergency 24/7/365.