20. Janvāris 2010

Cleanhouse starts cooperation with shopping mall Mols


In the beginning of this year, Cleanhouse started cooperation with the shopping mall Mols, providing cleaning of common use facilities and surrounding territory, including cleaning of sanitary facilities, windows, glass partitions, exposition showcases and facade of the building, facilities deep cleaning and other cleaning works. Cleanhouse is entrusted to manage shop and office facilities, in total area of approximately 10.000 m2, as well as three storey parking place with surrounding territory in area of more than 37.000 m2.

Member of Cleanhouse Board of Directors Kristaps Drone states: ’’A shopping mall is complicated object for cleaning works, because of its operational specifics. Firstly, the facilities utilization  is changing, whereas majority of facilities are used seven days a week for more than 12 hours a day. Secondly, facility funcionality is different, because there are shops, administration offices, auxiliary rooms in the mall, all with different floor covers, arrangement and purpose.’’

K. Drone emphasizes:’’Therefore, cleaning staff has to be highly professional and able to use different programs of facility cleaning. It also requires excellent planning of resources, because we can not afford shortage of workers due to their absence caused by sickness or other personal reasons. Finally, deep cleaning, that is basics of long-term maintenance of facility quality, has to be done unnoticeable and distributed along with daily works. Still we can undertake this task with great responsibility, because in 12 years of Cleanhouse operatin we have gained a great experience in management of trade facilities.’’