7. Maijs 2012

Cleanhouse management among the most effective managements in Latvia

In the spring of this year, Dienas Bizness in cooperation with the company Lursoft created a top of the most effective managers in Latvia. Cleanhouse was included in the top 10 of service industry companies. Top was based on the results of an extensive research, taking into account financail results of the company during the last five years, as well as analysis on whether company activities in this period have been balanced and stable.

The authors of this research pointed to several companies, Cleanhouse among them, which show a good practise of staff management. Arta Biruma, an expert involved in this research and the Member of the Board of Directors in staff management consultation company Eiropersonāls, indicated that Cleanhouse considers not only growing company muscles by improving processes, systems and financial tools, but also adopts the best practice in the world concerning company staff. Arta Biruma considers it as a farseeing step, since only good employer can be competitive when companies will have to fight for the best specialists in the labour market.

The authors of this research stated that the most effective management teams and managers in Latvia have been able to act farseeing and have redirected and developed their companies at the right time. A Member of Lursoft Board of Directors Daiga Kiopa emphasizes that only skilled company manager can use own experience to create a professional team, which can achieve stable development of the company by working together – duly expect potential risks by analyzing market tendencies and find the most successful solutions. Company manager plays the deciding role in order to make well thought out decisions and give positive influence to company development in future.

Majority of business people included in this top were represented by experienced business persons having spent a long time to prove their skills to manage company successfully. Companies managed by them frequently are considered to be industry leaders.