7. Aprīlis 2011

Cleanhouse has increased its scope in 2010

In 2010, Cleanhouse has increased its scope of work and increased number of workers by one third.

In the last year, Cleanhouse, the leading company of professional cleaning and management in Latvia, has increased the number of customer orders almost by one quarter and has provided 160 new work places. Despite great competition in the market of facility management and cleaning, that has significantly lowered the average level of prices for services, Cleanhouse has managed to preserve almost the same turnover – 3.2 million lats in 2010.

Member of Cleanhouse Board of Directors Kristaps Drone states: „An Increase in the scope of company by one quarter is gained by growth in number of customers both in private and public sectors. The growth in number of customers when industry suffers a rapid decline can be explained by Cleanhouse contribution in increasing work efficiency, offering the best proportion between service quality and price. Efficiency is also acknowledged by independent experts assessment. For example, in the last year Cleanhouse was nominated for Efficient Management of the Year organized by the Employers Confederation of Latvia.”

In 2011, Cleanhouse plans to increase its turnover by means of attracting new customers and launching active search process of new opportunities to start offering its services outside the borders of Latvia.

K. Drone emphasizes:‘’Year 2010 was considerably complicated and difficult time for all companies that offer professional facilities cleaning and management services. The market still contains a great number of unfair players who offer services of low quality for low prices, mainly employing illegal workforce and avoiding taxes. This aspect not only destroys environment of competition, but also creates significant damage to prestige of this industry, causes mistrust among customers for cleaning and management services in general’’.

Last year, Cleanhouse together with other companies in this industry actively participated in actions of the Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia in order to create unified quality standards for cleaning and facility management, and promote fair competition in the industry.

About Cleanhouse

Cleanhouse, the largest company in facility management and cleaning in Latvia, was established in 1997. Since then, it has become the leading player in the industry, using only local equity capital.
Currently, Cleanhouse employs 600 workers, the main directions of business are facility management and cleaning of commercial objects. The major customers: Swedbank, Latvenergo, Lattelecom, RIMI, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia and others.

Since 2009, Cleanhouse supports the programme Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible).