20. Janvāris 2009

Cleanhouse continues its growth

In comparison to 2007, the income of management and cleaning industry company Cleanhouse in 2008 has increased by 28% reaching total of 2.743.850 lats.

„At the end of the last year, we have won several significant awards,„ states Kristaps Drone, Member of Cleanhouse Board of Directors. ”It helps us to have an optimistic view on 2009 and plan further expansion. We have intended to open our representations in Latgale and Vidzeme, creating approximately 50 new work places in these regions.’’

Company that started its buisness in 1997 employing 30 people, currently, employs 430 people. In payments of social tax in 2008, the company has transferred almost 400.000 lats.

K. Drone notes:’’In the situation of economy crisis increasingly more companies appreciate advantages of outsourcing, because such services help to cut expenses and ensure more efficient operation of companies of organizations, allowing managers to concentrate their time and effort required for implementing such services to fulfilling their direct duties.’’

In many places of the world experts have admitted outsourcing as one of the most rational solutions for cutting expenses in conditions of recession. So it can be predicted that crisis will give a positive push to outsourcing providers not only in the field of management, but also IT, legal services and other sectors.’’

Number of participants in the sector of facility management and cleaning in Latvia has increased during the last year. Therefore, there are worries about companies that avoid social tax payments. K. Drone explains that many new companies participate in competition offering dumping prices:’’When 80% of expenses constitute wages of workers and taxes related to them, the only option how to offer such price, is to avoid paying taxes. To improve the situation it is important that regulations of state orders are amended with provision is added, that determines the number of workers implementing the services and their average gross wages, thereby ensuring that taxes are paid according to laws and interests of employed.’’

Cleanhouse is one of the companies that started to offer outsourcing for facility management in Latvia. Now this company is the leader of its industry with further aim to become the leading company in the Baltic States grounding its development on satisfied customers, satisfied staff and efficient team work. Year 2008 in company activities is associated with several positive achievements. At the end of the year Cleanhouse was awarded by Latvian Quality Association for excellent achievements in customer services. The first regional representation of the company was opened, which operates in Liepaja since May. Cleanhouse has improved the structure of workers team, has extended Certificate ISO, and has started to offer new services that previously were provided through involving subcontractors: deratization and disinsection services, as well as management of heat suppy and electricity supply.